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Updated: 14 June 2014: I have two SEORTM shelters available. One is painted in Desert Camoflauge Paint and the other is in Forest Camoflauge Green. Both are mounted on dual-axel trailers $5000.00 Pickup must be arranged by buyer. I recommend a separate flat bed trailer to haul it. Although the trailers are included with the SEORTM's, I do not guarantee these dual axel trailers they are currently mounted on now. I only hauled them on these trailers for a short distance of 6 miles from it's original original locations.

The top or exterior roof is solid steel construction; heavy auxillory equipment can be mounted on top. Both shop's hydrolics function properly with both side wing panels opening perfectly. Ideal for a mobile hunting van or a mobile construction shop. Also Perfect for a Preppers's Command Center or Bug Out.

Ideal as a Faraday EMP hardened shelter Think about it. The entire van is all metal enclosed with the hydrolic wing panels in aluminum material.
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Updated on 7 Jan 2014

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Interior Panels Circuit Control Box Power Take Off (PTO) SEORTM ID Plate